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Get informed what is happening everywhere in the world, wherever you are!


Wellwer is a global social networking website which connects people, companies and cities in a new different way. We give you the opportunity to share with people all over the world unlimitedly.


At Wellwer you can follow what is happening everywhere at the exact moment. It allows you  to read news, view photos from different destinations, receive offers about your city, plan where and when to go on your next holiday or find new friends.

If you have your own business, Wellwer is the perfect place to make your activity popular, to promote your goods and services as well as to find many new admirers and potential clients.



About Wellwer


The idea of Wellwer.com dates back to the end of 2010. After a few months of hard work on the realization of the project , the network is finished and starts on September,2011. We are a young and ambitious team whose mission is to make the sharing of information extremely easy and available, more interesting, more exciting and more efficient.


For us sharing is a lifestyle and for this reason our main goal is to see how our users interact with each other by sharing information, photos, news, business opportunities,etc. We believe that together we can make the world more sociable and informed.



We want to support and popularize different charitable causes, organizations and foundations. If you feel like you might be related to any of these, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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